leobodnar screw mount


Set of screw-mount-brackets for Leobodnar BU0836 with optional attached Matrix board.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


our Leo Bodnar screw mounting brackets are a mounting solution for your Leo Bodnar BU0836 / BU0836A – and optional also the matrix board – if you want to mount the electronics just with two 3mm (m3 or wood-screws) screws anywhere.

The Electronics and screws are not part of this product. Just the mounting brackets. So you can choose the appropriate screws for this mount.
The pin connections are available from the side facing away from the mounting surface.

The centers of the mounting-holes have a distance of 66 mm from each other, 4 mm from the left and right border and 3 mm from the upper border.
The brackets with the mounted PCBs need a mounting space of 74 x 46 mm.


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