Switchpanel 6x rocker switches


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This panel contains six rocker switches for your simulator. It can be used for instance for Batt, Alterntr, APU, Generator, aircraft lights, bleed-air etc.

we placed the rocker switches in a 2x2x2 placement to enable you to identify the correct switches easily with your finger tips without the need of looking at the switches. And this position allows you to intuitive useage of the switches in twin-engine setups like A320, 737, 777, A350 XWB or even Beech Duke Turbine, AS365 etc.

This set contains the panel, six rocker switches and the 30cm long dupont wires for attaching to our Leobodnar Matrix Boards similar elektronics like Arcaze USB.

Of course this panel can be used for other simulators like farming simulator, constrution machines simulator etc. as well.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 290 × 210 × 9 cm


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