rotary encoder with push button

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rotary encoder with push button (-/+/ok)

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This quality rotary encoder can be used to increment or decrement values and to use the included pushbutton for instance to acknowldedge the current value or to toggle between diffent settings.

typical use cases are

  • trim,
  • frequency settings for COM / NAV,
  • XPDR-Codes,
  • barometer pressure
  • HSI-course (CRS)
  • Heading (HDG)
  • DME Input selection
  • ND range selection etc.

The connection to the Electronics is done using two digital inputs for -/+ and one digital input for the included push button. Though this rotary encoder needs up till three free digital input ports on your electronics.
If you attach the rotary encoder to your electronics, do not forget to change the input mode for the -/+ inputs to “encoder” using the appropriate software. (Leo Bodnar BU0836A see here )

  • pulses per rotation: 20
  • ticks per rotation: 20
  • push button travel 0.5 mm
  • including nut and washer
  • mounting-diameter 7mm

Additional information

Weight 0.05 g
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 cm

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