Electronics set Leobodnar BU0836A with matrix board

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Contains the Leobodnar BU0836A and matrix board and is the interface between the computer and our mechanics.

The electronics support up till

  • 8 analog channels (eg. throttle, mixture, prop-pitch, trim, flaps etc.)
  • 36 digital channels (eg. gear, lights, APU, engine-start, parking-break, whiper-blades, pitot-heat etc.)
    The digital channels can be used for rotary encoders as well, if you combine two channels even for incrementing and decrementing like trim-increment, trim-decrement, AP-alt-encoder, AP-VS-encoder, HSI-heading-bug, COM-/Nav-frequency-encoder etc.

The set fits perfect into our Leobodnar mounts.

Even though this electronics board is recognized as normal USB Gamecontroler (aka Joystick) we recommend to use additional tools eg. FSUIPC to benefit from the additional options eg. running throttle and reverser on the same axis, send commands on entering special value-ranges etc.

You can connect this electronics set with a standard USB A/B cord or purchase an 3m long version here.

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3m USB Kabel unverlötetes Extension-Board, ohne 3m USB Kabel unverlötetes Extension-Board, 3m USB Kabel verlötetes Extension-Board, ohne 3m USB Kabel verlötetetes Extension-Board


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